1-3 FEB 2019
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Vivacity, in its existence, stood justifying itself as one of the liveliest and most animated jubilation that youth has ever experienced. Embarked upon in 2007, this Cultural-Management festival today has snowballed to a popularity of gigantic proportions; all of which can be attributed to the acuminous student committee that have piloted this fest in its odyssey so far. It is a juxtaposition of several contentions of dance, music, dramatics, literature, and fashion, with sundry informal fun events, authorized workshops, exhibitions and gaming challenges. The brimming talents who are judged by distinguished virtuoso vie their way to win titanic prizes. We, the Vivacity team, yet again have come up with the proud invitation to this joie de vivre. Come, be a part of this artistic masterpiece, come be a part of Vivacity 2018!

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Email : vivacity2k19@gmail.com

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Ateet Tiwari

Prabhat Sharma

Major Attractions


It’s truly a Vivacious moment, when all of your five senses are on fire. You hear the roar of the crowd, you see them standing on their feet, you can taste the epicness of it, you smell it, and you can be sure that you are going to feel it. The night when music brings you to life, it’s the ProNites.


Come RaddRock, and you feel the blood rush to your head as you bang it in the air to the heaviest beats from around the nation! All this, with the crowds of thousands. Head-banging, jumping, moshing in pits and running against walls of death. There will be no quiet. There will be no calm. Are you up for it? If you are, then come join us and free your spirit into the night, for this will be one you'll never forget!


A mind-blowing fusion of talent, energy, intensity, and synchronization, Razzmatazz is back to rock the stage and steal the show. If the passion for dance has made you dream about winning, if the zeal for dance has ever left you numb in legs then here’s your chance to showcase your talent! Get your troupe and get, set, groove!


A portrayal of growing fashion garnished up the enigmatic culture.A pagent with a stunning style, crushing the legends and breaking off the periphery of design. You definitely need to tighten your boots to get a slight blend of it.