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VIVACITY - A Carnival

  • It all began

    in 2007

  • Every Edition

    we set a

    new benchmark

    as an Indian festival

  • Our stage

    welcomes artists

    old & new

  • The ones

    we all know

    & the ones we are

    yet to know

  • The crowd cheered

    for the heroines

    & condemned

    the vixens

  • Some acts evoked


    and others

    a thought

  • Sometimes

    out of passion

    and sometimes for


  • we created

    great art-works

    we created


  • Sometimes in broad


    sometimes in

    curious nightlights

  • Sometimes we shouted load

    and sometimes we

    kept quiet

    where need be

  • Sometimes we

    followed the rules

    and sometimes

    became outlaws

  • The melody sweet

    pleased us

    and so did the

    loud roar of change

  • we applauded

    the winners

    and promised all others

    a second chance

  • For this is

    a journey

    to ameliorate