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Stage set, lights flickering to the beat. Smoke in the background, crowd swaying in melody. Screams in between the riffs and tears on your fills. Here are thousands ready to jump over your bridge. And carve your heart out in a solo to remember this moment, for one like this may never come. Rage and placidity meet here in this cusp. Join us at RaddRock, one of the biggest War of Bands competition in North India. Come, unpack your guitars and solo over it; set your drums ablaze when you make the blast beats fuel the adrenaline. Prove yourself with your best musical portrait and take home the crowd and the prize.


Rules and Regulations

  • 1.) All bands must send their entries (links to live recorded video) at the time of registration for initial selection.

  • 2.) Bands have to send 1 Original Composition and 1 cover for selection in prelims.

  • 3.) The selection of teams for prelims will be the sole discretion of LNMIIT.

  • 4.) For prelims, bands will get 20 minutes on stage (including sound check). For finals, 35 minutes will be given (including sound check)

  • 5.) An indication will be given in the last 5 minutes. As soon as the time limit is reached, sound will be cut. So time limit is to be strictly adhered to .

  • 6.) A total of 4 bands will be selected in the finals whose performances will be judged by Professionals headlining the event.

  • 7.) There is no language restriction on the entries.

  • 8.) Offensive words are to be avoided. Any objectionable act on stage will be dealt seriously and can lead to disqualification of the band.

  • 9.) Each person can be in a maximum of 2 bands.

  • 10.) The final decision regarding any matter lies in the hands of the organizers and judges.

  • 11.) A standard 5 piece drum kit will be provided, any additional gear is the responsibility of the band.



    Rishab Kapoor
    Saket Kumar Singh