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Solo Classical

Dancing is an art; the floor is your canvas; and you, the brush. Let your feet speak the hidden language of your soul; Let the rhythm carry you away...where the hand goes, follows the eye, where the eyes go, follows the heart…so here’s your chance to mesmerize the audience with your grace. Get ready to enchant the audience with a stupendously magnificent performance of yours.


1) You can steal the show alone.

2) Time limit: Max 6 min. Min: 4 min 30 sec(including the setup time)

3) Only classical and semi-classical forms of dance allowed.

4) The time limit should not be exceeded.

5) Costume and accessories are to be arranged by participant at their cost.

6) Judges may ask question regarding the performance, genre specifications and about element/theme you are depicting.

For any query please contact :
Nishank Bhati : +91-9782246136
Riya Goyal : +91-7790878880
Shreya Rajput : +91-8107033191

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Duet Dance

Let the heart beat faster and sink into the depth of music, romance, chemistry of lights and joy. Create the bizarre of enthusiasm with your sizzling dance performance tonight. So keep the spirits high and lose yourself into the beats of music. Put your best foot forward and prove your pair out to be the best in the crowd!


1) Participants can perform on Hollywood/ Bollywood songs (it's your choice but no classical/semi classical).

2) The time limit will be 4 to 6 minutes.

3) Props are allowed (Participants should bring their own props).

4) Any kind of fluid, flame and knives are not allowed on the stage.

5) Participants should perform a part of their dance for 2(+1) minutes in the PRELIMS round with/without costumes and props.
(Prelims round will be held if teams participating are more than 6).

For any query please contact :
Nishank Bhati : +91-9782246136
Riya Goyal : +91-7790878880
Shreya Rajput : +91-8107033191

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Group Dance

Dance till you drop! Rock the floor with your ecstatic dance mix of intensity, energy and enthusiasm. Show all the people out there what you have got! Feel the music in your heart & resonate to the beats, splash the jar of dance on the stage and ignite the fire in the hearts.
Razzmatazz is back to rock the floor with most talented dance groups across the country. Dance your heart out, come and show us your grotesque madness.
It's time to step up a notch at VIVACITY-2018’s RAZZMATAZZ. Bring out the best in you and show it through your dance. Conquer the dance floor and mesmerize the audience with sizzling moves this year at Vivacity 2018.


1) The number of members Performing can be 6 to 20. A maximum number of helpers can be 4 (Helpers must also bring the college IDs).

2) Not less than 5 participants on stage at any time of the performance.

3) Time limit for the PRELIMS will be minimum 3 to maximum 5 minutes (including the setup time)

44) Time limit for the FINALS will be minimum 7 to maximum 15 minutes (including the setup time)

5) The time limit should be strictly adhered to. Teams shall be penalized by judges for not doing so.

6) Any kind of fluid or flame usage is not allowed on the stage.

7) Each team should bring 2 CD's of their final track in standard audio CD Format and their own USB drive which has to be submitted at least 6 hours before the start of the event.

8) Team name and college name must be clearly written on the CD.

9) NOTE- Winner of last year competition will get direct chance to perform on main stage(No prelims for them). The decision of the judges shall be final and binding. All forms of dance are allowed.

Judging criteria:-

Choreography, Costumes, Expressions, Co-ordination, Stage utilization, Overall impact, creativity.

NOTE: Participants must have a valid college ID-card to participate. In case of any discrepancy, the team shall be disqualified.

For any query please contact :
Nishank Bhati : +91-9782246136
Riya Goyal : +91-7790878880
Shreya Rajput : +91-8107033191

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Solo Western Dance

The world is at your feet with all the eyes set on you; but here you face it alone, for everybody may not be able to get to this height. Forget about simultaneity and formation. Keeping the spirits high, cool your heels, it's time to step up a notch at VIVACITY-2018’s solo dance competition. Spin and sway, prance and engross all in the rhythm of cosmic tune and divine music. The heart beats have gone up and everyone is eager to sink in the captivating poetry of footsteps.



1) Time limit: Max: 2 min. Min: 1 min. 30 sec (including the setup time). Candidates are required to strictly adhere to the time limits.

2) All forms of western dance are allowed(Classical dance form is not allowed).

3) Get two copies of your song- one on a CD and one in pen drive.

NOTE: 1) Songs should be in .mp3 format.

2) No audio cassettes will be allowed.

4) The song should be reported one hour prior to the PRELIMS.


(This round would be held only if the number of participants exceeds six.)

1) The short-listed participants from the 1st Round will be given some prop by us and will perform on the song of your choice (it should be available).

2) Time limit will minimum 1.5 to maximum 2 minutes (including the setup time)

3) The time limit should not be exceeded.

For any query please contact :
Nishank Bhati : +91-9782246136
Riya Goyal : +91-7790878880
Shreya Rajput : +91-8107033191

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Dance Battle

So you think that you are the boss? You can be a slave to the rhythm? Come on then. Dance on the spot for twisted and surprising music tracks. There are no boys and girls there will be just a FACE-OFF! You have to be instantaneous to get to the glory.


Track will be provided on stage. No. Of participants on stage can be 2, 3, or max 4 to compete with each other.


Each participant will be given an initial time limit of 25-30 seconds to show their best dance skills on stage to pump up the fellow participants.

Climax begins with all the participants dancing to the same continued song of same choreographed steps so that judgment can be made on synchronization and clarity of steps comparing each participant with one another to select the best.

No usage of any kind of props.

The decision of the Organizing Committee is final and participants must abide by it.