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Flicker- The Film-making contest

“To make a film is easy; To make a good film is war. To make a very good film is a miracle”
- Alejandro gonzález iñárritu

Make a film, fight a war or make a miracle the choice is yours. Let the film represent you.Show the world how you express yourself. Compete with people worth your salt. Beat them and become a champion.



1) No theme constraint.

2) Time limit minimum- 1- 10 minutes.

3) One movie per registration.

4) Maximum 8 members in a team.

5) No Registration fees for this event's prelims.


1) Theme : provided on-spot.

2) Each team has to perform following tasks in the given period of 26 hours-

  1. Script
  2. Shooting
  3. Editing
  4. Sound Design
  5. Video production

3) Registration fees 500/per team. This registration provides you access all the events accept the pronite.

4) Accommodation for all cases is 100/per person per day

5) A team cannot use stock footage or footage created earlier.

6) Photographs can be used in a film, only if the team has the rights to use them.

7) Films must not infringe third-party’s rights

8) Films must be suitable for publication and not contain obscene or indecent material

9) Films must not contain obscene or pornographic material; may not contain defamatory statements about any person, company, organization or entity

10) Films must not invade privacy or other rights of any person, company or entity

11) Films must not in any other way violate applicable laws and regulations; and may not contain any copyrighted elements not owned by the team.

12) Films containing prohibited or inappropriate content as determined by the WTF(Weirdshot Films), in its sole discretion, to be inappropriate will be disqualified.

13) Prizes would be disclosed soon.