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Vogue has only been justifying this wealth of words of Coco Channel throughout its existence. A display of panache, Vogue has staged reigning style and silhouette of fashion and embraced it with confidence and attitude. Yet again the haute couture is back, to bedazzle and mesmerize the voguish crowd. Judged by some celebrated designers of the nation, Vogue measures the fashion quotients of the teams and crowns victorious to the one that complements all its definitions. It appreciates its best models as Mr and Miss Vogue, another major fascination of the event.


1) Prior online registration is required.

2) Team size varies from 10 to 20 members, including models, designers, choreographers, make-up artists, etc.

3) Each member of the team is required to carry their ID cards.

4) Each team will be allotted 8 to 12 minutes for their performances.

5) Props should be arranged by teams on their own. Use of fire, water, animals or any hazardous material is prohibited.

6) Any particular requirement of a team that is not mentioned above should be discussed with the organizers prior to the event.

7) The teams are required to bring their own music on CDs in .mp3/.wav format (teams are required to give 2 copies on 2 separate CDs)

with their college name written on the CDs and hand them over to the organizers at least 3 hours before the event commences.

8) The organizers take the liberty to check on any sort of misconduct during the stay of the teams and would take necessary actions whenever required.

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When a group of people sing together, they make a chorus. When birds do, it's more like a whole symphony orchestra. Here show your musical enchantment with perfect synchronization of musical notes.



1. Nationality: Indian Passport Holder

2. Age: Between 18-25 years

3. Marital Status: The applicant should be unmarried.

4. Height: 5’ 5” and above (without heels).

5. Student of any recognized educational institution.

6. Selected participants will have to follow the dress code of a Black Cocktail Dress and Stilettos while walking the ramp.


1. The winners get direct entry to the final round of Miss Universe India 2018 auditions In Mumbai.

2. They also get a chance to be a part of the Exclusive Miss India Organization Grooming

School wherein they get trained by the best names from the fashion and glamour Industry.

3. Miss India Organization merchandise to be entitled to the winners.