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Bamboozled (Entertainment Quiz)

Are you a movie or tv series buff? Then this quiz is specially for you. Compete with other contestants to determine who has wasted (or utilized) more time. The quiz covers the broad subjects of Films, TV series and sports.


The quiz will contain 20 questions in total in prelims.

There will be 5 “star” marked questions from the 20.

A star marked questions behaves as a bonus question.

If there is a tie between two or more teams, the team which answers maximum number of star marked questions will be given more priority.

There will be a time interval of exactly 1 MINUTE for every question.

Each question carries one mark each.

A question carrying two parts will be marked half for one part and half for the other.

No cell phones, or any kind of electronic gadgets are allowed during the quiz, any team failing to follow the same will be disqualified straight away.

A total of 8 teams will qualify for the final rounds.

Team Specification:

One team can have only 3 members.

More than one team from the same college will be entertained.

Teams from the same college need to sit apart.