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The au courant book of design, the actual twisting in the fabric and the modish swank it gives to a person defines fashion to the core. While for some, fashion is an expression of one's personality, for others it is an escape into a unique world. Be ready to be dazzled by the suave beauties in high heels and envy the trendy urbane guys walking the ramp. A dashing trend will be created hereafter, with the legends of Vogue working out the best of it. Judged by some celebrated designers of the nation, Vogue measures the fashion quotients of the teams and crowns victorious to the one that complements all its definitions. It appreciates its best models as Mr. and Miss. Vogue, another major fascination of the event.


Judging Criteria

  • Theme: Originality, Depiction of Theme, Designing, Use of Props.

  • Constraint: Uniqueness, Innovation and Improvisation in terms of executing the transformation.

  • Models: Ramp walk, Stage Presence, Poise, Overall Appearance

  • Team: Choreography, Music and Narration, Co-ordination, Relevance to the theme and Overall Performance
  • Rules and Regulations

  • 1.) Prior online registration is required.

  • 2.) It is a team event. Team size may vary from 10 to 20 members, including models, designers, choreographers, make-up artists, etc.

  • 3.) Each member of the team is required to carry their ID cards

  • 4.) Theme selection is open. All the teams can have a theme of their own choice

  • 5.) Six teams will be selected to perform during the final event. Prior to that, a preliminary round will be held.
  • Prelims- Each team will be allotted 5 to 7 minutes for their performances.
  • Final- Each team will be allotted 8 to 15 minutes for their performances (including stage setup). Points will be deducted for exceeding the time limit.

  • 6.) Props should be arranged by the teams on their own. Use of fire, water, animals or any hazardous material is prohibited.

  • 7.) Vulgarity of any kind would lead to disqualification of team from the event. Hence if the team feels that any stunt of costume design can be deemed as vulgar, it is strongly advised to consult the organizers than performing it directly on stage.

  • 8.) The teams are required to bring their own music on CDs in .mp3/.wav format (teams are required to give 2 copies on 2 separate CDs) with their college name written on the CDs and hand them over to the organizers at least 3 hours before the event commences.

  • 9.) The organizers take the liberty to check on any sort of misconduct during the stay of the teams and would take necessary actions whenever required.

  • 10.) The decision of the judges and the organizing committee will be final and binding.



    Rajat Sharma
    Sanya Sandal
    Pritha Rahut